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Diocese of Rockville Centre

St. Pius X is not licensed by any state or federal agency. The expenses of the residence are supplemented by the parishioners of the diocese along with donations made annually to a special collection for this purpose. It is understood that each priest-resident gives a portion of his diocesan pension towards the expenses incurred while residing at the residence. The amount of this monthly contribution is determined by the Bishop as a result of his consultation with what is known as our diocesan Sickness, Disability and Retirement Board.

Should a priest die while a resident at St. Pius, it is understood that the Diocese of Rockville Centre will cover most funeral and burial costs incurred and, through the office of the diocesan chancellor, all arrangements will be made.

All members of the presbyterate of the Diocese of Rockville Centre are encouraged to remember the needs of our retired priests in their estate planning. Inquiries may be addressed through the Diocesan Office for Institutional Advancement at (516) 379- 5210.