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Diocese of Rockville Centre

St. Pius X residence was originally located in Uniondale, New York. For many years, it served as a residence for priests who were involved in administration and teaching at the prep-seminary of the Diocese of Rockville Centre. The high school seminary was known as St. Pius X Prep Seminary. The rector of the seminary also functioned as rector of the residence. Additionally, there were priests who resided at the residence while ministering elsewhere, notably Mercy Medical Center and Nassau University Medical Center (previously Nassau Medical Center).

In 1984, St. Pius X Prep Seminary closed its doors, although the building remained in use as a residence for senior and retired priests, among other functions. With the passage of almost fifty years, it became evident that the building itself warranted attention physically.

In 2004, Bishop William Murphy, 4th diocesan bishop, created a task force (Task Force for the Retirement Needs of Priests). He looked to this task force of priests, religious and lay people to study the issues related to the needs of retired priests, including those living at the St. Pius X Residence in Uniondale. Bishop Murphy charged the task force with presenting to him viable recommendations regarding the continuing care of retired priests so that he might be able to make the best possible decision on behalf of the entire presbyterate.

This inquiry process resulted in establishing the St. Pius X Residence at the Dominican Village complex on the grounds of the Motherhouse of the Dominican Sisters in Amityville, New York in December, 2008. This enabled the diocese to accommodate the increasing needs of our priests.
The Dominican Sisters welcomed our priests into their congregate living retirement mode. Consequently, this arrangement benefits the Sisters financially while having a positive impact on our needs as well.

St. Pius X Residence's continuing existence, now at Dominican Village, is in response to the compassionate Christ and the Church's mandate to care for those who minister as priests for the good of the people of God. This care for these our brothers is not a matter of entitlement. Rather, it is the Bishop who through the generosity of the people of God, mercifully extends the care of Christ to those who are in need.