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Diocese of Rockville Centre

Together with the assistance of the pastoral associate, the rector provides for the spiritual, educational, recreational, and communal life of the priest residents. The priests are encouraged to take advantage of these activities that are part of living at the residence. Our presence to one another is viewed as inherent to the life we are trying to live together as a community of diocesan priests.

While the residence has the services of full-time companions to care for the priests, there are limits as to what can be done in an efficient and safe manner for the residents. When these priests require more individualized attention, an evaluation will be made involving the diocesan bishop as well as those who are involved with his immediate care to determine if moving into a skilled nursing home would be more beneficial. Those decisions are, admittedly, difficult but are made in the best interest of all priests residing at St. Pius X. It is the rector ultimately who, having consulted with the diocesan bishop, may determine that a resident's physical or mental health and condition is such that his continued residency is detrimental to the health, safety or welfare of the resident or other residents. The rector will discuss this matter openly with all parties concerned. The cooperation of the priest, his family and care givers is an expectation whenever physical and/or mental health issues come into play.

St. Pius X has established a relationship with Good Samaritan Medical Center, West Islip. Good Samaritan is the hospital that is used by all priest residents. A potential resident must be willing to make a transition from his current physicians and specialists to those connected with Good Samaritan. The medical staff has guided the rector in creating a list of physicians and specialists who are on staff at the hospital and available for our use and consultation. A primary care physician is in place for each priest resident. He may be seen at the residence or at the physician's practice office.

The residents commit themselves to serving the people of God in their retirement. Part of their daily prayer is to pray for and with our benefactors and all those who tend to our needs. We pray for the continued graced life of the Diocese of Rockville Centre.