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Diocese of Rockville Centre

A priest who is considering a move to the St. Pius X Residence, Amityville needs to be aware of certain requirements.

  1. First, he must make a request of our diocesan bishop. The Bishop, in turn, usually asks the rector of the residence to meet with the priest-applicant to ascertain the rector's recommendation, which will take into account the best interests of the priest-applicant himself and the current priest-residents
  2. Only incardinated priests may live at the residence
  3. No priest who has ever been removed from priestly ministry may apply for residency
  4. Ordinarily, residents are retired either due to age or because of medical issues that warrant care. Occasionally, priests who are actively engaged in priestly ministry may qualify temporarily to reside at the residence
  5. There are certain documents and matters of information that the priest-applicant must supply in the process of discerning whether St. Pius is suitable for him.


A priest-applicant is required to provide the following documents and information:

  1. Completed health care proxy along with power of attorney form;
  2. Supply a copy of his will to the diocesan chancellor;
  3. Copies of his medical insurance/Medicare cards;
  4. Particulars regarding his burial wishes;
  5. Information concerning medication and medical personnel;
  6. Each priest-resident must sign a form that allows both the rector and the pastoral associate to act on his behalf whenever he is hospitalized at the nearby Good Samaritan Medical Center. This expressed permission allows the administration of the residence to be part of any discharge planning. This is not intended to infringe upon the rights and duties of the priest's named health care proxy.