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Diocese of Rockville Centre

United States Conference of Catholic Bishops:

This website has been prepared to help prepare for the transition. Here you will find helpful resources for the faithful, for the clergy, and for parish and diocesan leaders, so that all of us will be ready to implement the new Missal.
During the time leading up to actual first Sunday of use of the new text, pastors are encouraged to make use of the wide variety of resources available to prepare parishioners not only for the reception of the new text, but to engage in reflection and study about the Mass and the Eucharist.

Become one Body One Spirit in Christ:

Become One BodyBecome One Body, One Spirit in Christ is a multi-media catechetical resource on the liturgy. To prepare for the implementation of the new edition of the Roman Missal, an international group of scholars have been working with the International Commission on English in the Liturgy (ICEL) to develop a helpful resource to aid pastors and parishes in providing formation and instruction about not only the new texts but about the nature and purpose of the liturgy, the history of the Mass, and detailed lessons on the various parts of the Mass.

Federation of Diocesan Liturgical Commissions:

Programs and materials prepared by FDLC to assist in the implementation of the third edition of the Roman Missal. As well as books, CD ROM's, and workshop kits aimed for diocesan and parish liturgical leadership the FDLC also offers pamphlets, popular liturgical catechetical materials in the form of an 8 x 11 sheet that some parishes distribute with the Sunday parish bulletin. Designed for the general reader, these sets of handouts provide an economical way to catechize parishioners.

With One Voice: Translation and Implementation of the Roman Missal

Background papers by eminent scholars on the new translation of the Mass, on its language, and its implementation, viewed within the overall goal of promoting full, conscious, and active participation in the liturgy.

Parish Guide to Implementing the Roman Missal

This parish guide will help leaders-priests, liturgists, musicians, DREs, principals, teachers, youth ministers, and volunteers-bring this new translation to life in the parish. The guide includes practical resources to create the parish implementation plan including a calendar, ministry-specific suggestions, "to do" lists, bulletin inserts, homily helps, and a comprehensive bibliography of other available materials.

The Genius of the Roman Rite By Keith F. Pecklers

The Roman Rite has evolved over the centuries in very diverse contexts and situations, and it has endured to our own day precisely because of its capacity to adapt and be shaped by the distinct cultures where it has been celebrated. As the English-speaking world prepares to receive and implement the English translation of the Missal, Dr. Pecklers' book is offered as an instrument of catechesis in helping clergy and laity alike to better grasp the rationale for the new translations by considering the wider context of the Rite itself.

Workshop Kit For Priests
Workshop Kit For Parish/Liturgical Leaders
Video presentation of the new translation by Bishop Arthur Serratelli, chairman of the Bishop's Committee on Divine Worship. Powerpoint presentation. Leader Script . Participant handouts on the new translation of the Roman Missal, within the context of the liturgical reform of Vatican II

Parish Assembly Kit

Use this kit to introduce your parishioners to the changes the new translation of the Roman Missal will bring and to revisit the fundamental principle of active participation in the liturgy. Includes 3 pamphlet bundles (100 each):

A History of the Roman Missal. Questions and Answers about changes to the Mass. Liturgical Participation of God's People